Friday, February 26, 2016

Spring Outreach Events

We have a number of events slated for spring 2016. Here is a short list of events where chapter members and rover project staff will participate.

March 4: La Tercera Elementary - Salute to STEM (Sonoma County)
We still need a few more volunteers to help train children in operating the rover.  This will be one more in the series of STEM events at local Bay Area schools. We cover not only the Bay Area but surrounding communities as well.

April 1 - 3: Contact - Domain Hotel, Sunnyvale
    A Science and SciFi conference featuring Dr. Chris McKay, Larry Niven, Kim Stanley Robinson, and Andy Weir.  The chapter has registered us to have a presentation table. A good opportunity to present the program and interact with scientists and space enthusiasts who will be present at the conference. Perhaps we recruit a few more members as we did in past events.

April 8 - 10: Death Valley Marsfest 2016 (Celestial Centennial)
    Dr. Rosalba Bonaccorsi from NASA Ames is organizing this event and we will be setting up a table with our rover.  We are thinking of renting a vehicle (SUV or van) and carpooling there.  We will be camping out as well.  We are still deciding in the exact dates we will attend.

April 16: Mark West Elementary School Science Fair, Santa Rosa
    We were invited back to put up a display at this science fair again.  We have several chapter members already lined up for this event.

May 20 - 22: Maker Faire
    The chapter has submitted an application for our exhibit booth at the Maker Faire in San Mateo again this year.  We are asusming it will be accepted.  This is not the first time we have presence at the Maker Faire and as in years past we expect it to be an outreach success.  Volunteers will be needed to help at our exhibit in shifts.